LIAISON® MDX instruments with Simplexa® Direct Disc and Simplexa® Universal Disc


One instrument.
Multiple discs.
Ultimate Flexibility.



The LIAISON® MDX is an innovative and powerful thermocycler with two consumable disc options: the 8-well Direct Amplification Disc for sample-to-answer testing and the 96-well Universal Disc for higher volume testing.

Supported by an expanding menu of molecular assays, the LIAISON® MDX is flexible allowing you to run real-time PCR for qualitative, quantitative and multi-analyte detection. The instrument can perform both IVD as well as Laboratory Developed Tests.

The LIAISON® MDX software provides easy to understand results with the ability to check amplification curves after a run. The software also plots QC Charts and can be bi-directionally interfaced with LIS for easy integration into any lab workflow. You can also access and navigate the software during a run.

The instrument is also compact and expandable, with an extremely small footprint and the capability to connect up to four instruments with a single laptop.

LIAISON® MDX open instrument


Why to choose it

COMPACT Measuring only 12”x8”x12”, the LIAISON® MDX uses minimal laboratory space.

POWERFUL Results are generated in as fast as one hour and are easy to interpret for quick and accurate diagnosis.

SCALABLE The LIAISON® MDX can be used with two different consumable discs allowing for versatility in handling differing volumes such as with seasonal assays. The 8-well Direct Amplification Disc allows for sample-to-answer testing and the 96-well Universal Disc for higher volume testing.

8 well
Direct Amplification Disc

  • 1 Direct amplification of sample – no DNA/RNA extraction required
  • 2 Convenient sample processing – the ability to run from 1 to 8 samples at a time and re-run the disc with unused wells
  • 3 Sample metering capabilities to ensure correct sample inputs
  • 4 Fluid checks are performed to ensure sample addition which prevents false negatives if a sample is accidentally not loaded
  • 5 Generates results that are easy to understand in as little as an hour
Simplexa® Universal Disc for LIAISON® MDX small version
Simplexa® Universal Disc for LIAISON® MDX

96 well
Universal Disc

  • 1 Process up to 96 samples in as little as an hour
  • 2 The ability to process multiple targets simultaneously
  • Small reaction volume – only utilizes a maximum of 10 µL
  • 4 Open channel availability
  • 5 Can be used with extracted DNA/RNA or non-extracted samples
DiaSorin Molecular Liaison MDX Technical Specifications DiaSorin Molecular Liaison MDX Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

DIMENSIONS Length 12 in Width 8 in Height 12 in
REGULAR POWER REQUIREMENTS 110/220 volt compatible
FAST RAMP RATES Heating >5ºC/sec
SOFTWARE Preinstalled with bidirectional connectivity allowing for simple run set-up, data analysis and information management
SIMPLE BARCODE SCANNING For easy information loading
SCALABLE Can run up to 96 samples per instrument. Up to four instruments can be connected to a single laptop

Ordering info

Product Code Quantity


INCLUDES: laptop computer, accessories box, and optional printer
Code MOL1001 Quantity 1

Simplexa® Universal Disc (UD) Case

Code MOL1400 Quantity 100

Simplexa® Universal Disc (UD) Box

Code MOL1401 Quantity 25

Universal Disc (UD) Cover Tape

Code MOL1500 Quantity 250

Direct Amplification Discs (DAD)

Code MOL1451 Quantity 24

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