DiaSorin Molecular Simplexa® Group A Strep Direct Kit

Simplexa® Group A Strep Direct Kit

Fast, flexible and accurate Group A Strep testing

KIT for Infectious Diseases



Group A Streptococcus is responsible for common infections, such as strep throat, and may cause up to 30% of acute pharyngitis cases in children and up to 20% of cases in adults. Patients may present with symptoms that overlap extensively with other infectious diseases, which makes diagnosis difficult when based solely on clinical observation.1 The benefits of quality molecular testing continue to gain momentum as an alternative to culture and rapid antigen testing as they provide definitive answers without supplemental testing.

1. C. Choby BA (March 2009). “Diagnosis and treatment of streptococcal pharyngitis.” Am Fam Physician. 79(5):383-90.

Why to choose it

A CLIA moderate complexity assay using throat swabs. Improved efficiency with a true sample-to-answer workflow without DNA extraction providing results in about an hour.


DiaSorin Molecular Simplexa® Group A Strep Direct Kit
High Performance

High Performance

Greater than 97% sensitivity

In a study of over 1,300 prospective samples, the Simplexa® Group A Strep Direct demonstrated high performance with excellent clinical agreement against culture methods.

Name Sensitivity Specificity
Sensitivity97.4% (152/156)
95% CI: 93.6% to 99%
Specificity95.2% (1139/1196)
95% CI: 93.9% to 96.3%
Fast Turn-Around-Time

Fast Turn-Around-Time

About 1h for high-quality results

Our Simplexa® Group A Strep assay takes only about an hour to generate high-quality results without the need for culturing.

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Simplexa® Group A Strep Direct Kit*


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