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Your specialty partner for molecular diagnostics and monitoring for infectious disease

DiaSorin Molecular LLC manufactures and distributes innovative molecular diagnostic products on the versatile LIAISON® MDX platform. We are a vendor partner to Hospital and Reference Laboratories that provides value through sales, service and support solutions.

Who we are and what we do

Our products assist labs in consolidation of in house and send out testing to streamline processes and increase efficiency enabling better management of patients with fast, reliable and clinically actionable assay results.

Vendor partner to Hospital and Reference Laboratories

Continually innovate high-quality molecular diagnostic products

Provide value through sales, service and support solutions

Our Commitment to Compliance

DiaSorin adheres to a policy of full compliance with the laws and regulations governing its business, not only as a legal obligation, but also because it is the right thing to do. As a corporate priority, we expect and work to ensure that each of our employees understand and comply with all compliance policies and ethical guidelines.

Documents Outlining Our Commitment to Compliance
DiaSorin Code of Conduct
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DiaSorin Molecular LIAISON® MDX instrument and kits

Our Products

Our Simplexa® molecular menu includes kits for HSV 1 & 2, Flu A/B & RSV, Group A Strep, C. difficile and Simplexa® controls. Our molecular menu also includes over 60 primer pairs and general purpose molecular reagents. All of our Direct assays require no sample extraction and provide results in about an hour.

Simplexa® products are designed for use on the LIAISON® MDX, a real-time PCR instrument. The instrument has the capability of running either an 8 well or 96 well disc providing an ideal platform to accommodate low to high volume testing needs.
This allows users to leverage the system’s flexibility and scalability to handle laboratory challenges.

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Our Latest Achievements

Simpelxa® C. difficile Direct – Our Simplexa® C. difficile Direct Assay is now available in the US and Canada, upon receiving clearance from the Food and Drug Administration and licensing from Health Canada. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 15,000 U.S. deaths are attributed to C. difficile infection each year, and studies indicate that C. difficile is now the most common microbial cause of infections in U.S. hospitals. It is estimated that this infection costs $4.8 billion each year in the U.S. alone. The Simplexa® assay detects the Clostridium difficile toxin B gene (tcdB), present in liquid or unformed stool samples, aiding in the diagnosis of C. difficile infection.

Simplexa® HSV 1 & 2 Direct extended CE-IVD certification – We have earned CE-IVD certification extending the sample claims for our Simplexa® HSV 1 & 2 Direct Assay. The certification adds – cutaneous and mucocutaneous lesion swabs – to previously cleared specimen types of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and genital lesion swabs. The ability to deliver test results across these sample types makes this the most comprehensive cleared HSV 1 & 2 molecular test available.

Herpes simples viruses (1 & 2) can cause a variety of diseases with multiple presentations, ranging form mucocutaneous oral and genital lesions to fulminate encephalitis.  The coverage of multiple sample types allows laboratories to accommodate various HSV testing needs with one assay.

P. jirovecii Primer Pair


Our menu of molecular reagents has expanded with the release of the Pneumocystis jirovecii primer pair for use in laboratory-developed molecular tests. This analyte-specific reagent (ASR) can be used for the amplification and detection of the Pneumocystis jirovecii mtLSU gene with a CFR610- and BHQ-2-labeled probe and forward and reverse primers. This is our first fungal infectious disease target.

Group C & G Primer Pairs

Two new primer pairs – group C and group G Streptococcus – are introduced to our ASR menu for use in laboratory-developed molecular tests. These new offerings join our menu of more than 60 molecular reagents for bacterial, viral and fungal infectious disease targets.

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