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Presented at: ESCV on September 24, 2018

Herpes Simplex Viral Infections: Clinical Overview and Diagnostic Implications

Maddalena Peghin, MD, PhD; Dr. David Boutolleau; Michelle Tabb, PhD

Maddalena Peghin, MD, PhD: Herpes Viruses Infections: a clinical overview

Dr. David Boutolleau: Molecular diagnosis of viral meningoencephalitis with the DiaSorin Simplexa solution: experience of the French National Reference Center for Herpesviruses

Michelle Tabb, PhD: A new comprehensive solution for molecular detection of herpetic simplex viruses infections

09/24/2018 56 min
Hosted by: Labroots

The Persistence of Pertussis and the Prognostic Value of Bordetella Detection

Karissa Culbreath, PhD, D(ABMM)

Whooping cough caused by Bordetella infection has resurged in recent years. Dr. Karissa Culbreath will discuss the clinical presentation of Bordetella infection and its public health impact. The prognostic value of B. pertussis and B. parapertussis detection for Bordetella diagnosis will be reexamined.

09/12/2018 60 min
Hosted by: CAP Today

Herpes simplex virus infections: from cradle to grave


Herpes simplex virus (HSV) -1 and HSV-2 are common human pathogens and cause a variety of clinical manifestations in pediatric, adolescent, and adult populations. This presentation will discuss the epidemiology of HSV infections, clinical manifestations, treatment, and prevention strategies, and emphasize the appropriate use of and interpretation of diagnostic tests.

05/16/2018 70 min.
Presented at: ASM CVS 2018 Industry & Science Workshop

The latest in neonatal HSV molecular testing and navigating the new C. difficile guidelines

Siu-Kei (Jacky) Chow PhD, D(ABMM) AND Amanda T. Harrington PhD, D(ABMM)

Dr. Harrington: Addressing unique sample and data needs associated with neonatal and infant HSV diagnosis

Dr. Chow:  New guidelines on diagnosing C. difficile infection – one size fits all?

05/07/2018 100 min.