Q-LAMP Technology

A faster alternative to PCR in molecular diagnostics

The technology solutions

Q-LAMP is an isothermal amplification method with a unique set of characteristics that make it suitable for the urgent analysis of Leukemia samples.

Q-LAMP does Reverse Transcription and Amplification in one step

The enzyme used in our Q-LAMP technology combines reverse transcription activity, amplification and strand displacement. This results in a controlled and predictable single tube reaction for RNA targets.

Q-LAMP is robust

Q-LAMP is not affected by common inhibitors found in clinical samples. Experimentation has also shown that Q-LAMP is tolerant to partial RNA degradation and to suboptimal quantities of RNA extracted from clinical samples.

Q-LAMP is reliable

The single step reaction decreases the risks associated with multi-step procedures. The presence of an internal control provides confidence, when reporting negative results, that the reaction has not been compromised.

Q-LAMP is rapid

The Q-LAMP reaction can be set up in under 15 minutes, with results available in around 40 minutes. In addition, with real time monitoring of the reaction, a preliminary indication of positive results is available within 10-20 minutes.

Q-LAMP is specific

Our assays have been extensively optimized and tested to avoid primer dimers and aspecific signal effects.