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DiaSorin Molecular Receives FDA Clearance for Bordetella Test

Cypress, Calif., January 8, 2019 – DiaSorin Molecular LLC announced today that it has received FDA clearance for its new Simplexa® Bordetella Direct test. This CLIA moderate-complexity assay is designed for use on the LIAISON® MDX to quickly provide qualitative detection and differentiation of both Bordetella pertussis and Bordetella parapertussis in nasopharyngeal swabs (NPS). The assay is performed directly from NPS samples without extraction and provides results in about an hour.

DiaSorin Molecular Introduces Three New Primer Pairs for Atypical Pneumonia

Cypress, Calif. (December 20, 2018) – DiaSorin Molecular LLC announces the availability of three new primer pairs, or Analyte Specific Reagents (ASRs), which can be used in laboratory-developed tests (LDTs). The specific targets are Legionella species, Chlamydophila pneumoniae and Mycoplasma pneumoniae, all of which may infect the lungs.

DiaSorin Molecular Secures FDA Clearance for Group B Strep Assay

Cypress, Calif. (November 26, 2018) – DiaSorin Molecular LLC announced today that the FDA has cleared its new SimplexaTM GBS Direct assay for diagnostic use. Designed for use on the LIAISON® MDX instrument, the highly sensitive assay enables qualitative detection of Group B Streptococcus (GBS) nucleic acid from 18- to 24-hour Lim broth enrichments of vaginal/rectal specimen swabs obtained from antepartum women. Assay results can be used as an aid in determining the colonization status of antepartum women.

Upcoming Events

May 2019
Savannah, GA - USA

ASM Clinical Virology Symposium

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2019-05-05 2019-05-08 Europe/London ASM Clinical Virology Symposium Savannah, GA - USA
June 2019
San Francisco, CA - USA

ASM Microbe

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2019-06-20 2019-06-24 Europe/London ASM Microbe San Francisco, CA - USA
August 2019
Anaheim, CA - USA

AACC - American Association for Clinical Chemistry

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2019-08-06 2019-08-08 Europe/London AACC - American Association for Clinical Chemistry Anaheim, CA - USA
September 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark

ESCV - European Society for Clinical Virology

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2019-09-11 2019-09-14 Europe/London ESCV - European Society for Clinical Virology Copenhagen, Denmark
November 2019
Baltimore, MD - USA

AMP Annual Meeting & Expo

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2019-11-06 2019-11-09 Europe/London AMP Annual Meeting & Expo Baltimore, MD - USA

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DiaSorin Molecular Event Center provides high quality Continuing Education programs for laboratory professionals. Our Web-based educational seminars are designed to present current, relevant information on a number of infectious disease and other related topics. Speakers are selected for their expertise in laboratory diagnostics and excellent presentation skills.