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A small and exceptionally robust instrument developed by DiaSorin specifically to support the isothermal Q-LAMP technology for amplification of Nucleic Acids. LIAISON® IAM and Q-LAMP represent a new and innovative solution that revolutionizes the molecular diagnosis of leukemia at disease onset, improving laboratory workflow and the decision making on patient care thanks to its rapidity and comprehensive, highly reliable results.

LIAISON IAM instrument with real time monitor display


Why to choose it

REAL TIME MONITORING Monitoring of fluorescence in 3 separate channels. With amplification curves visible on screen. SMALL FOOTPRINT Easily positioned in even the smallest laboratory.

CONTAMINATION CONTROL Reaction tube strips are specifically designed to seal on closure and prevent re-opening of the tube post amplification.  

USER FRIENDLY SOFTWARE The graphical user interface guides the user and automates result calling. The software also aids traceability by storing reagent lots informationa and store Run results and info into a dedicated database.

Vials in a lab

LIAISON® IAM supports the DiaSorin Q-LAMP Technology, which has the advantages of:

  • 1Closed–tube Format Reverse Transcription of target RNA, amplification and signal detection take place in a single step providing a simple and safe approach for reliable results. The closed tube format eliminates the need for multiple handling steps that can introduce additional risk and variability.
  • 2Multiplex capability The use of multiple primer sets in a single reaction allow both detection and discrimination of targets of interest providing all the information you need for clinical decision making.
DiaSorin Molecular LIAISON IAM setup in a laboratory
  • 3Internal control A primer set to a targeted housekeeping gene sequence acts as an internal control, validating negative results and thereby decreasing the risk of false negative reporting.
  • 4Simplified workflow All components and consumables are supplied in a ready to use lyophilized kit format for a simple and rapid set-up.
  • 5Fast turnaround time Thanks to the intrinsic speed of the DiaSorin Q-LAMP technology, translocation detection can be made in less than 30 minutes without the need for additional steps improving the speed and accuracy of results.


DiaSorin Molecular IAM instrument technical specification blueprint DiaSorin Molecular IAM instrument technical specification blueprint for mobile

Technical Specifications

DIMENSIONS Length 19 cm Width 37 cm Height 30 cm

Ordering info

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Code I0070 Quantity 1

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